What if marketing felt good?

What if it because a balm to your soul, a way to connect with love and respect, to bring the right clients and an ever-increasing flow of money into your business?

What if you actually learned to like your marketing? What could happen?

I remember when I was first certified as a coach. I took a marketing program from a well-respected leader, who promised to teach me how to build a 6-figure business.

I was excited.

Let’s face it, I’m always excited about making money! 

And a 6-figure income was beyond what I could even imagine.

Then she shared her best marketing advice, “Find the prospects’ pain and exaggerate it. Make them feel so much pain that when you offer yourself as the ONLY way out, they will gladly pay you to free them.”

That sounded like it might work.

It also sounded like a horrible way to run my business, and one that would leave me feeling sad, bitter and small. I didn’t want to run my marketing in a way that made me want to drink to forget at the end of every day.

So, I decided not to market.

I went to a few networking events, asked for a few referrals, and I built a nice, little coaching practice with a little bit of ‘fun-money’ income.

Until my husband’s business was swept away in the great recession and I had to start making real money.

I unfroze my emergency credit card, hired a coach that I logically couldn’t afford, and learned the love-based way of doing business…

… As I allowed myself to explore this new paradigm deeply…

… the  voice of the Divine Feminine became clearer.

She led me to the next teacher, and the next.

I learned to craft marketing that spoke directly to my client’s hearts, validating their experiences and their desires.

I let go of deep-seated beliefs that kept me stuck in my familial values of poverty and hiding.

I remembered how to acknowledge the guidance of my Soul to make the highest and best decisions for my business.

My business grew.

I still remember the excitement of my first $7000/ month. That was the first really big one for me. Then came my first 5-figure month. Then the month I manifested the down payment for my California home in just 5 weeks.

Money and I are tight friends now… with Money continuing to surprise and delight me with bigger and bigger months.

All of this wisdom is not meant to be kept secret. It was given to me so I can share it with you.

So, here’s the deal: Next week I’m sharing three principals in our Facebook Group in a Free Masterclass: The Art of a Magical Business.

Feb 1 at 1 PM – 2 PM Pacific:

 ** Activate your ability to manifest results.

Marketing always starts on the inside. Success is determined by who you BE, what energy you put out, and how you interact with Source.

I’m going to give you the Step-by-step action plan for BE-ing who you need to be to manifest your soul-desires.

Feb 3 at 1 PM – 2 PM Pacific:

** Weave the language of your perfect client into your marketing so that they know and love you before they meet you.

Use the correct words for your marketing and you’ll eliminate a lot of the work of sales calls. You will attract your right clients, so you just have to connect and make sure the timing is right to work together.

You’ll open the door to this fascinating world of connection marketing.

Feb 5 at 1 PM – 2 PM Pacific:

** Expand your ability to receive, so you can hold an ever- increasing flow of money.

I’m a standing on a soap-box, shouting it at the top of my lungs, to advocate for women having lot’s of money.

When women have money, they live wildly free, juicy lives…raising their vibration and the vibration of the planet.

We are going to dive into some ritual to open your money channels, so all that fabulous marketing can result in increased money flow.

Want to join us?

It’s free… just join our Facebook group here and then hop into the group at 1 pm Pacific on Mon, Wed, Friday of next week.

with all my heart,

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