Making money is among the most holy ways to honor the gifts you’ve been given.

I know that some people will disagree with me.

Some people will even suggest I have it all wrong. That there is nothing holy about money and that the love of money is the root of all evil.

Yet, Money is an energy of appreciation. It is an acknowledgement and activation of the power of your gifts.

One of my very early coaches, way back when I was still in my coaching program, told me that when I didn’t charge full value for my coaching services, I was creating karmic debt for my clients.

ICK! That’s not what I want for me or my women.

I want joy, and juiciness, and vibrancy.

I want to fully express our gifts in the world and to fully receive the love, respect and acknowledgment we deserve.

I want my women to be rich.

Now the thing about getting rich, is that you can only receive as much as you allow in.

When you are caught up in a belief that “Money is evil” you shut down the flow and only take in enough to survive… (and sometimes even less than that.)

And then there are all the other beliefs that will clog your money channels…things like:

women shouldn’t handle money, it’s dirty…

…I am bad if I leave anyone out, therefore I must keep my prices low enough for everyone…

…people will think I’m full of myself if I charge for my gifts/ raise my rates/ make a lot of money…

…who do I think I am to be charging for that….

And more.

It’s really astounding how many things we tell ourselves in order to keep ourselves small and hidden; yet, the world still calls us to show up and share our gifts…

as money sits just out of sight waiting for us to open the gates and welcome it in.

Which is why, on the third day of my live Masterclass: The Art of a Magical Business, I’m sharing a ritual that will open your channels of receiving.

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