I just made an announcement in our Facebook group that I’ve opened the doors to the Spring Art of Feminine Marketing Magic Sistermind.

I freaking love group work.

The energy of a group propels everyone to achieve more, keeps peeps accountable to do what they say and creates connections that often last a lifetime.

I made this announcement while we talking about crafting your marketing like a good spell. Effective marketing always, always, always makes people feel.

The right prospects feel love, respect and understanding.

The wrong people… the ones who are needy victims, energy vampires, whinners and blamers… those peeps are repelled.

Now imagine that you had marketing that resulted in that kind of sorting process for you.

Where the people you are meant to work with, here on the planet to serve, and who will have the most success from your program feel called to step up, reach out to you, and ask if they can work with you.

Imagine that you never have a pain-in-the-butt client because your marketing messages have screened them before they get to you.

Imagine knowing exactly how to attract dream clients, so that every single client interaction is a joy that supports your peep’s evolution, lifting you into your highest and best self.

That’s good marketing, and  that’s where we start in the Art of Feminine Marketing Magic Sistermind.

Good marketing is like a good spell …

…not just words that create connection but a deep, soul – longing for your transformation.

Peeps come to your door, ready to do the work…

… and pay you well for your magic.

In the Sistermind, I’ll teach you the rituals and practices to craft this soul magic, so you may call in your right peeps whenever you want.

Plus, we’ll discover the exact right words to weave into your marketing to make connections.

Together we’ll design the Actions to support your marketing, so that you grow your business with ease and massive profit. (oh yeah! I love helping women create massive profit… and tons of spaciousness for the people and things they love).

I’m keeping the Sistermind small, so everyone receives the attention they deserve, and everyone’s business grows.

Want to join us?

~ I won’t ask you to send your kids to live with Gramma while you build your biz.

~ I won’t ask you to sit in your office chair for 15 hours a day launching and selling.

~ I won’t ask you to fit yourself into some guru formula that is too small for your soul.

You get to be ALL of you … and yes, I will call you out if I see you hiding, dimming your light, or going along with things to make people happy…

And make good money doing it.

There are just a couple of criteria, so if you are feeling a pull, hit reply.

Say “I want magic marketing.” I’ll get back to you right away with more info.

With all my heart,

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