The other day, I was looking for a photo to use with a bit of marketing.

I quickly got lost in my business photos folder.

I was distracted by the photos of clients, both past and present.

As part of the Art of Feminine Marketing Magic Sistermind, I bring in Lindsay A. Miller, of “Wildly Visible”, to create amazing marketing photos for each woman.

Lindsay’s photos represent both the “wound”, the away-from marketing words, and the Goddess, images that reflect the power and wisdom of each woman, to be used to reflect the toward marketing words.

The wound of not being enough:

Earth Mama Goddess at a waterfall on Maui:

These photos, combined with the right words, lend a layer of connection and credibility to every marketing post. Words sing to the ear, photos sing to the heart, your energy sings to soul. When layered together, they create magnetic and magic marketing spells.

Honestly, I love helping women discover the words that will draw their clients to them and repel the people that are not the right fit. I get a huge hit of satisfaction watching my clients apply what I’ve taught them about writing a compelling marketing plan which results in more clients and more income.

Images are a huge part of what makes marketing successful

…which is why…Lindsay.

Not only is she the top photographer in the Self-development industry, but she holds magic healing powers through the camera.

And now you get to see the power of Lindsay’s work, because we are doing a BONUS masterclass on Tuesday, Feb 9 at 1 pm in our Facebook group. Make sure you are a member of our Facebook group for easy access to the class . Join us here: Feminine Marketing Magic Community.

We’ll chat about photography in your marketing to create a unique brand that highlights what makes you different in the marketplace.

AND if you want your own photos:

Last week we opened the doors to the next round of the Art of Feminine Marketing Magic Sistermind, a small group of committed wise women coaches and healers who I’ll be showing how to create magnetic marketing that increases their income and reach exponentially,

…doing their soul work,

… and without having to sacrifice their life, health or time with their family to do it (because we are all busy right now).

We are going to work together to create a specific, unique-to-you marketing plan, complete with your magic marketing words and photos (taken by Lindsay!), to attract new clients whenever you need them.

You will also learn to make sales that are of service to the highest and best good of your prospects… without being salesy.

And we’ll grow your ability to receive ever-expanding amounts of money, respect and acknowledgment.

And you won’t have to stuff yourself into some icky, powerless, confining formula that some guru is peddling as the next best path to stardom.

Think about it: You get to do YOUR soul-level, life changing magic in the world, and get paid well to do it.

Want to join us?

Just hit reply and say “I want magic marketing” and I’ll get back to you right away.

With all my heart,

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