This spring, I’m gathering a small group of committed coaches, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs and guiding them on a 10-month journey to create magnetic marketing that draws perfect clients to them through the Art of Feminine Marketing Magic.

… Without having to follow bro-formulas that suck a feminine soul dry and leave you a small bitter husk of yourself

… Without having to stuff yourself into someone else’s image of who you need to be to be successful, betraying the tender parts of who you are

… without having to giving up time with loved ones, self-care, or spacious down time to refill your own well.

You will create authentic, soul-fueled marketing that speaks to the heart of your right client so they love, respect, and are ready to buy before you even have a sales call.

You will craft a marketing plan for your programs that is unique to YOU and flows with ease around your natural rhythms.

You’ll activate your divine masculine to take aligned action and get shit done, drawing your most fulfilling, profitable vision into physical reality.

You’ll attend your own Magical Photoshoot, connect with the Goddess in you, and obtain the photos to accompany your marketing.

I’m keeping this group small so that I can walk hand-in-hand with each woman to bust through your current income ceiling with marketing that is authentic, connected and fun.

Want to join us? Hit reply and say I want magical marketing and I’ll send you the details.

With all my heart,

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