SA red-headed woodpecker duo showed up on our morning walk.

They stayed at their work, hammering at the tree while I managed to capture a few pictures.

Woodpeckers teach us about following our own pattern, our own rhythm.  They drum out their rhythm, pulling grubs and insects from the tree, supporting themselves with a drum beat all their own.

In business, we are taught formulas for success….

… and then told we are to blame when the formula doesn’t work.

The truth, Goddess, is that most formulas were designed by men for men.

They leave no space for the wild, creative, connective, powerful Divine Feminine: the inner She who dances to her own rhythm, her own beat.

Now, I love a good formula, and I wish I could find one that I could just copy and it would work like magic for me every time.

That’s not what woodpecker teaches us,  not the way magic works.

Magic works when you bring YOU into it.

So, marketing language can’t be lifted from a copywriting book.

To be effective, it’s drawn from your own experiences, your past wounding, the emotions that you felt.

Feminine Marketing strategy is designed to wrap your unique marketing words with the rhythms of your body and your life.

For instance, I have one client who finishes work each day by 3 pm, so that she can take her kids to sports practice, help with homework, and cook dinner with her family. Another starts each day late, and works into the evening hours when she feels most alive, most connected to Source.

The first plans energetic launches, avoiding  school breaks  when she wants to spend time with her children. The second makes sure to include maximum fun and color into her launches.

While both women are magic, respected leaders, their marketing looks very, very different. Just like them.

This is the beauty of The Art of Feminine Marketing Magic. You get to be you, have a big impact, and make lots of money

… without having to stuff yourself into some icky, powerless, confining formula that some guru is peddling as the next best path to stardom.

Think about it: You get to do YOUR soul-level, life changing magic in the world, and get paid well to do it.

I’ve opened the doors for the next Sisterhood of The Art of Feminine Marketing Magic and calling in a small group of committed wise women coaches and healers and showing them how to create magnetic marketing and increase their income and reach exponentially.

If you are passionate about your mission, ready to lift the ceiling on your current income and grow the next level of your business in collaboration with your Divine Feminine,

.. just hit reply, say “I’m ready”. I’ll get more info out to you right away.

With all my heart,

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