Did I ever tell you I am a trained and practiced story teller?

Yep, I spent a couple of years in classes learning to use my body and my voice to captivate an audience.

I’ll never forget one experience standing on stage in front of three-hundred and fifty 6th, 7th and 8th graders and saying the words, “The dragon took the deepest breath of his whole life”, then slowly taking a deep breath as I realized there wasn’t a sound coming from the audience.

Three-hundred and fifty, unruly, 12-, 13-, and 14-year old kids all took a breath with me and paused, silently, raptly, waiting to see what happened…..

… that, my friend…

… is what good marketing does.

It tells a story so compelling that your readers hold their breath along with you, waiting for what comes next.

When you are live in person or on video, you use your body, your eyes and your words to tell your stories. Words and images are tools for writings.

In the Art of Feminine Marketing, we uncover the exact words that will draw your clients in…

…have them catching their breath as they feel a surge of hope and love that you, finally, have arrived to help them solve their problems.

Then, we craft marketing that is so unique and creative they acknowledge you as the guide they have been waiting for.

And, to make it a complete story, we gather for a sacred marketing photo shoot with one of the top photographers in the industry to create the images to match your words.

Once that’s done it’s a simple bibby, bobbity, boo, un-salesy sales convo (which I teach you to do)  resulting in a full-bodied “Yes, here’s my credit card.”

This spring, I’m gathering a small group of committed coaches, healers, and spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to break through the next level of income, using marketing that feels good and honors their Feminine Essence.

Want to join us?

There are just a couple of qualifiers for this group, so hit reply and say “I want magical marketing”. I’ll get the info out to you right away.

With all my heart,

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