Transformation doesn’t sell; so, what does?

Every day I meet amazing women who are healers, witches, magic transformation makers. When I ask what they do for their people they often drop into what one of my soul-match client calls “angel talk”.

They say things like, “elevate to their highest level”, “heal so all things are possible”, “shift their energy into more life-giving patterns”, “learn to love themselves”. 

Now, I’m not saying that stuff isn’t important. It’s actually the meat and potatoes of our work, the work that makes everything else possible.

It just doesn’t sell.

No one wakes up in the morning and thinks, “What I really need is more life-giving patterns…”

They wake up and complain about their job, their money, their relationship, their waist line.

They want to break through their current income level, they want to find their soul mate, they want to bring back the passion in their relationship, and, oh boy do they want to lose some weight.

Those are the things that people will pay money for.

In the process of guiding them to solve those problems, you’ll help them transform. They will learn to love themselves, shift their energy and open doors to infinite possibility.

You can share this magic and their soul’s will light up. But for money to change hands, you have to touch their hearts and satisfy their brains desire for a good ROI.

To buy they must:

  1.  feel like you know them and relate to their pain.
  2. trust that you can help solve a specific problem.

In the Art of Feminine Marketing Magic, I show you how to fulfill both so that you attract your Divine Right Clients magnetically and set them up to say “Yes” with ease.

First, we do a little detective work to discover the right feeling words for your marketing. So, instead of sending out messages that feel unimportant and disappointing, you know that your words connect to the heart of your tribe and awaken a longing to work with you.

Then we’ll create a list of talking points that pinpoint the exact problems your prospects are struggling with, that you can solve for them. We’ll use this to persuade the logical mind of your clients why working with you is exactly what they need.

Next, we’ll tap into the Energy of your Business to design a customized marketing strategy that works for you. This strategy will not be some guru-generated, one-size-fits-all formula. It will be your own unique way of attracting your unique peeps.

In the process of all that we will be doing deep transformational work so that your marketing has energetic resonance as well as technical excellence. We’ll open your Akashic Records and heal ancestral and past life beliefs, vows and contracts. You will welcome back the parts of you that have been related to the shadows leaving you feeling small and powerless. You’ll step into your Highest Self becoming a reflection of the Goddess walking the planet.

And, you’ll figure out how to market to your right peeps, make more money, and have more impact on the world.

Want to join us?

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With all my heart,

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