This spring, I’m bringing together a small group of respected female coaches, healers and sprit-led entrepreneurs to create magical marketing that magnetizes your right clients and positions you as a respected, important leader in your niche…

…so you can double, triple or even quadruple your income and your impact this year…

…doing your soul work,

  • … and without having to work 14-hour days that leave you feeling small, powerless and all alone;
  • … without stuffing yourself into formulas that make you bitterly grate your teeth in frustration
  • … and without twisting yourself up into someone else’s version of who you should be.

I’m super passionate about woman attracting large of sums of money, doing the work they were born to do and having lots of fun doing it.

But here’s the thing: A lot of programs sell you a one-size-fits-all plan purporting to build your business with the promise that, if you follow their formula exactly, you can have freedom to work part time and play with your family the rest of the day. You can travel first class on luxury vacations multiple times a year. And everyone will look up to you with massive respect.

… IF you follow the formula,to. The. T.

And if it doesn’t work out for you the way it’s promised. Well then, you must not have followed the rules, or wanted it bad enough. It was your fault! Shame, shame, shame.

And you crawl into your bed, pull the covers over your head, and pretend it’s all ok because you really love your 2002 Honda Civic and didn’t want a new car after all.  (yes, that was me).

Sista’, the guru formulas have done you wrong!

So here’s how we are going to make it fun and fair:

First, we are going to work together to create a specific, unique-to-you marketing plan based on your distinct energy cycles to call out to your right people with your magic marketing words and soul-stirring images so you can attract new clients whenever you need them.

We’ll run your plan past the sisters in this group for feedback, then test it out in the world…. securing some new clients for you as we gather info on how to make it even better.

Now the best marketing plan in the world isn’t going to bring the results you deserve, or attract the clients who are just waiting for you to show up and help them, if you have internal energy blocks:  ancestral vows dictating  who and how you must be to fit in, or hidden, disempowering beliefs about money, success or a woman’s role.

This is a key reason that this is so different.

While we craft your marketing, I’m going to guide you through the healing practices and rituals that will dissolve your stuck blocks, clear the path for success.

Plus, you’ll discover the daily practices that expand your ability to receive ever-expanding amounts of money, respect, and acknowledgment so that you can double, triple or quadruple your income this year!

Think about it: You get to do YOUR soul-level, life changing magic in the world, and get paid well to do it.

Want to join us?

Just hit reply and say, “I want magical marketing”. I’ll get right back to you with more info.

with all my heart

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