When the Art of Feminine Marketing first came into my meditation, the message was clear…

…The old ways of doing business: the push hard, grind away, and crush-it formulas are really, really bad for the Feminine Soul.

“There is a better way,” my Highest Self said, winking. “Business is meant as a tool to share the deepest expression of who you are and as a vehicle for you to deliver your healing to the world.

Yet, shards of this broken system have been weaponized to keep women cornered and bound up in a false version of themselves. To keep them small and powerless. To convince them that they are unimportant and alone.

Now is the time to change that.”

As I meditated, the essential practices involved in the Art of Feminine Marketing were revealed to me:

1. Establish and build upon a strong connection to Source, from which all things are sourced. Embody your Highest Self, the you that walks both physical and spiritual planes and knows the secrets to creating physical reality from Source energy.  

2. Customized marketing that speaks to the hearts of your Divine right clients, acknowledging your shared pain, anger, and bitterness together with your knowledge of the road to love, joy and happiness. Through this marketing, we become the right people to guide our clients on this journey;

3.  Rituals and practices that open your ability to receive more love, more money, more acknowledgement of your gifts. Doubling, then tripling your income;

4. Finally, engaging your Divine Masculine to take actions that support your complete and full Feminine Essence; your creativity, your unique and important way of interacting with the world; your ability to create fair and uplifting community.  As you, not just the “acceptable” parts of you, but all of you.

The Wild Witch who longs to dance barefoot under a full moon on a warm tropical beach, calling up the magic of Mama Earth.

The Goddess you, one with Source, who understand the magic of pulling visions from the dream state into the physical world.

The little girl, who champions play and fun… and a touch of silliness.

And the wounded parts, who have crafted solutions to your pain so brilliant that they must be shared with others.

This spring I’m leading a new sisterhood of women on a journey into the Art of Feminine Marketing Magic to make client attraction easy, sales simple, and open the taps to abundance.

Only three spots remain.

Want to join us?

Just hit reply and say, “I want magical marketing”. I’ll get right back to you with more info.

With all my heart,

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