Sometimes, a client can say it so much better.

This is what you get working with me:

“What is different for me after working with Julie is that a lot of the chatter from others is holding me back. I feel more connected to my deeper truth, inner navigation system and know how to share the work I offer in the world.

I have steady clients, 2 signature courses, and am being asked to design curriculums for other coaching programs that align with my philosophy and expertise. I just completed my first group coaching in years and it was filled with ideal clients.

My relationship with both money and my business have shifted.

I am more in touch, have more structures in place, and feel more supported in the work I am doing. I spend time in communication with money and my business. I have tools for tuning into the energy of both and then translating that to my target audience in ways that speak to them.

I am working to build my business in alignment with what really works for me including amazing self-care, time to be in communion with my creativity, my playfulness, and my inner goddess, and time for the people and things I truly love.

I am celebrating that I just had the highest income month I have had in my business in some time, and have opportunities lining up to make that trend continue. 

There are so many things I love about Julie’s style that really work for me.

As a person who is highly sensitive and highly trained in energy medicine, I appreciate that she can tune into multiple levels from the tactical to the subtle energy to help me move forward with my desired goals. She is super intelligent, super tuned into her inner goddess, and so with her clients.

I felt really held when I struggled, challenged with support when I needed to grow, and exposed to higher and higher levels of my own alignment through her work. She got me as a human, beyond my desire to shift.

We had some life challenges we had overcome in common which made me feel deeply heard and seen. We both love time with family and little people and I could talk about how important that was to me as a part of the larger picture.

I could talk about anything from the deepest desires I hold to the places where I still feel like a victim and need to heal. I also appreciated her work with wounding and how that informs my marketing, her use of energy practices to do deep work when needed, and her marketing know how when that was appropriate.”  

The doors are closing soon to the Spring Art of Feminine Marketing Magic Sistermind. If you want results like Theresa’s…. including repeating “highest income” months, hit reply and say, “I want highest income months”. I’ll get more info out to you ASAP.

With all my heart,

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