Last week I recorded three podcast interviews… all about money.

I’ve been having conversations with my biz buds about money, investing, and receiving.

Money has been dancing through my meditation, inviting me to play.

I even bought myself some shares in Disney… just because I love Disney and Money loves when I play.

“It’s time,” Money said to me, “to teach the Art of Money again.              

Help women understand the Energy with Money. Help them know how to create partnerships with Money. Help them widen their ability to receive more Money. Show them how to Manifest. Empower them to create more abundance for themselves and the world.”

When the message comes multiple times, in multiple ways, (which this one has) I listen.

So I’m opening the doors early to the small group, the Art of Money Intensive.

I had scheduled it for June, but Money wants it now. So, we start in just two weeks, with little marketing and a call for those who are ready to receive more.

Lots of people will give you the mechanics of making money. In the Art of Feminine Money Partnership, you’ll learn the energetics so that you can make more, with more ease, love and fun.

I’m passionate about women having money. Lot’s of money. Because that is when we get a seat at the table of decision makers, we get to give to causes we believe in and we get to raise the vibration of the planet by living our own juicy life.


You are a woman who is sick of feeling at the mercy of your bank account;

You want to hone the skill of manifesting what you want, when you want it;

You are tired of buying programs to up-level your business, and they just don’t work for you;

You want to find out how to make correct decisions with your money, every time;

You want to fall in love with money so that you feel completely supported and successful; and

You are a woman who wants the power of money working with you as you accomplish your goals in this world, please join us here.

The world has changed. By taking this opportunity to shift your relationship with Money, you will provide new pathways of abundance for yourself and your family.

With all my heart,

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