Tax season is right around the corner.

What would it be like if you could approach this time with all the wide-eyed wonder of a kid at Christmas?

What if all of your interactions with Money were joyful and filled with love?

What if you knew how to dance with the energy of Money to call in the things and experiences and wild adventures your soul longs for?


You get to decide what programs to sign up for… instead of letting your bank account decide.

You get to decide when you bring in new team members to do the things you don’t want to do… so you focus on your genius… because your income supports that.

You get to decide to take four vacations a year… refilling your well so you can fill your clients well… because Money is supporting you abundantly.

Juicy, right?

But most people have a skewed version of money that is taught from a young age.

I remember being told, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”, meaning, it’s hard to get and scarce.

As a child we had a jar on the mantle which we would fill with all the coins we could find. And when it was full, we got a trip to Disneyland… (since my grandparents lived 15 minutes from the front gate, we could camp out at their house, but never stay at the big hotel.) We scrimped and saved watching the jar fill.

Vacations were camping trips to the dessert, an hour north. I didn’t get on my first airplane until I was 20 years old and out of necessity.

I felt bitter and betrayed by money.

And when my abusive marriage was finally unraveling, I tried to get a job to support my kids and me.  I was told I was worth no more than $10 an hour! I felt so alone and helpless. I was actually trapped  in that horrible situation for several years, as my poverty begat more poverty.

Then I started to study money.

I discovered that I am worth quite a bit more than $10 an hour, and that money is an abundant resource that wants to connect with us, wants to be used by us to bring more peace, more fairness, and more love into the world.

As I began to understand the energetic principles of money, my income began to grow.

Money became an important partner and a respected friend in creating my 6-figure business.

Money wants, and is ready,  to be that for you.

I’m sharing the energetic principles for connecting with the Energy of Money in the Art of Money 6-week intensive beginning at the end of this month, so that you can build your income and your wealth abundantly.

This isn’t whimsy – the last time I taught this, my clients reported daily money miracles of a few thousand dollars up to $70,000.

You are invited to join us!

Simply hit reply and say, “I want to dance with Money” and I’ll get you more info right away.

Much love

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