The sweet siren song of Money is calling us to play.

I love Money for so many reasons….

Now some will say I’m greedy, or money is dirty and evil. And I just disregard these perspectives…

… because when I started to really understand the true nature of Money, Money chose to bless me.

And with that blessing, I can bless others.

Money taught me to infuse my bill payments with love… so that those who receive that money can have a little more love in their day.

Money taught me to dance in it’s energy, raising the energy of those around me.

Money gave me some fabulous adventures with fabulous clients… and promises more in the future.

Money enables my support of causes I believe in, so I can support women doing good around the world.

And so much more.

My intimate relationship with the Energy of Money is one key strategy that helped me build my business to 6-figures and beyond.

Money insists that I share what it’s taught me over the last 20 years with you. Because Money wants to dance with you as well.

So, I’ve opened the doors to the Art of Money Intensive… a 6 week journey to shift your relationship with Money… and grow your income and wealth.

In this divinely guided course, I’ll lead you to:

  • Heal your dis-empowering beliefs about money, your value, who you need to be in order to be acceptable in the work place so you can receive your true worth;
  • Discover an inner compass that guides you in making correct choices in how you spend your money – every time – and stop wasting money on things that don’t work;
  • Stop being a powerless victim to money and, instead, welcome money as a trusted partner and powerful friend into your business;
  • Learn the practices to build abundance and wealth for yourself and your family; and
  • Discover how being wealthy serves the world.

The Art of Money is a small group intensive designed to shift your relationship with money radically so you can have the freedom you dreamt of when you started your business.
Money wants you to feel the joy of gifting your family that dream vacation, of purchasing your dream home, reaching and breaking through the 6-figure ceiling, giving to causes you believe in, spreading your message throughout the world, or treating yourself to high-vibration experiences, and whatever else you are dreaming.

Money wants to be used by you to do good in the world.

Money wants to dance with you, play with you, love you.

Want to join Money and me?

Just hit reply and say “I’m ready to dance with Money” and I’ll get more info out to you.

With all my heart,

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