Today I had another conversation with Money.

I expected reassurance.

I expected to be able to share how much Money loves you.

But Money is disappointed.

When the pandemic started, people panicked. What would happen if the economy stayed shut down for long? How would businesses survive? And how would individuals manage?

I’m not downplaying the fear of losing one’s income, not knowing if the economy can survive this pandemic. The fear is real. And it’s necessary to feel it when it pops up.

But only for a moment. After the fear passes, it’s important to remember the truth:

The truth is, the energy of Money still loves you. It still wants to come and play with you. It still wants to support you in living a wildly juicy, amazing life.

That hasn’t changed AT ALL.

The truth is that your economic wellbeing is going to be determined by your mindset. Not by your clients, or your spouse, or the stock market or the government.

Let me say that again, your economic wellbeing, as we navigate whatever the new world brings, is determined by your mindset and your relationship with energy of Money.

You must learn to see beyond the veil of the physical world in order to create a relationship with the energy of appreciation: Money.  This energy of appreciation weaves itself into your physical reality through impression of your desires and emotions. You must learn to feel the presence of this energy in your life, blessing you in the spirit realm and guiding you to take inspired actions so it may manifest in the physical.

When you walk in this truth, you will be supported abundantly in both the spirit and physical realms.

This truth is what I leaned into when 2020 felt too heavy. When my live enrollment event produced a much smaller result than planned, because it happened just before the US started to shut down, and everyone was in too much chaos to commit. When my live client retreat had to be reworked, done on Zoom, with photoshoots done in a social distanced, outdoor venue. When I tentatively checked my P&L, expecting to see a downward trend because… well… 2020.

Yet, what I discovered is that I made more money than the year before, which was more than the year before that.

The more I relax into the principles of the Art of Money, the more my income increases.

And I’m sharing those principles with a small group of committed women in The Art of Money intensive, starting March 26.

Ready to uplevel your relationship with Money… and grow your income no matter what the world throws our way?

If so, I invite you to consider joining Money and me in a wildly fun, transformative adventure into the spirit of Money and Manifestation with the Art of Money Intensive.

Just hit reply and say “I want to manifest more money” and I’ll get more details out to you right away.

With all my heart,

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