This week I had a difficult exchange with a respected teacher. I’m not going share the conversation with you, but I will tell you it ended with her saying some very disparaging things. After purchasing  a program from her, and seeing how she operated in the group,  I was disappointed and surprised with her end of the conversation. It felt slimy.

I’m sharing this with you not to whine, but because of what happened next.

First, I did an energy clearing to shake off any energy she may have sent my way and also to clean the energy I was sending her. I don’t want any cords connecting us.

Then, I reached out to my sweet business sisters. One responded that she was very shocked at the name-calling that she directed at me.

And I thought, I would like to do some name-calling of my own. So, I called my friend a “sexy little vixen” (which she totally is).

Then I called her a “hot transformational healer”; also true.

She responded by calling me a “fucking powerful bad ass leader” and an “enticer of the feminine”.

This started to feel really good. Exactly the antidote I needed.

So often women are pitted against each other, with petty snipes and name calling. The battle lines are heavy with our tears. In my feminine world, this stops here.

I invite you to join us in this play. Join us in supporting each other and lifting each other up. Reach out to a girlfriend and call her some names. Add a lot of adjective. Make it really juicy. And then ask her to call you some names.

And if you really want to up the ante, call me some names. (This is a purely selfish ask that will also make you feel good.)  And I will call you some really awesome names in return.

With all my heart,

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