In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Pat Alva-Kraker, a Business Strategist, Cancer Thriver, Old Soul Speaker, and Best-Selling Author of Katherine’s Quest: One Woman’s Journey to Elation.

Pat is a successful Latina woman working in two male‐dominated industries, IT and engineering. In order to be accepted, each morning Pat put on her two‐piece skirt suit with pumps; making decisions from her analytical side and forfeiting her strong sense of intuition. Then, after a 35‐year career, Pat “woke up”, began her own journey of elation and donated 100% of her corporate “uniforms” to The Ladder Alliance and now chooses to live an empowered life. 

As a business coach, she helps women establish and grow their businesses in a way that aligns with their values and goals. She helps clients get clarity on what matters most in their business while developing an action plan that supports their vision. She believes that success in life and business begins with self-mastery.     

Pat and I dish on:

  • How can you use your intuition to effectively communicate your wisdom
  • How your values run your day
  • Creating healthy boundaries around your life and business
  • Daily practices / rituals that remind you of your progress and growth, every single day
  • Why is it so important to know your “Why” in everything you pursue; in business and in life.

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