Spring always seems to light a fire under my butt.

I want to get out and play. I want to gather with Soul-Sisters and dance in the moonlight. I want to travel to foreign lands and taste food that is unfamiliar to my tongue.

Secretly, I believed that the world would “go back to normal” by now so that I could have these things. I’m even feeling a little betrayed that it hasn’t!

Yet, when I’m honest, I knew from the start of 2020 that things were going to be different. The world cracked open with the start of the pandemic. And things shifted.

One of the big shifts I’ve made in the past year is partnering very carefully with some leaders that I love and respect so much.

One of these leaders is Terra Christoff, Business Coach and Mentor for Women on Purpose. Terra is committed to discovering new ways of serving women as we navigate all the shifts.

I’m collaborating with Terra this week for a brand -new training, “Client-Attraction Workshop: Feminine Visibility Strategies to Magnetize More of the Soul-Aligned You’re Here to Serve,”. We’d love for you to join us!

It’s Friday, April 2 at 9 a.m. Pacific (register even if you can’t attend live; we’ll send you the replay!). Plus, when you register by March 31, you save 25%:

Discover Feminine Strategies To Attract More Ideal Clients.

Go to the link above and register to join us.You’ll hear three separate, powerful presentations, each one focused on a different aspect of marketing from  Terra Christoff,Symone Redmond, and Julie Foucht

Presentations include:

Embracing a Feminine Approach to Client Attraction, with Terra Christoff

When we think of marketing, we often  think of hustling, right? In many cases, the strategies we envision feel pushy and uncomfortable, completely misaligned with our feminine energy and  our purpose. It’s time to turn things around!

You’ll discover:

• How to lead with your feminine-aligned visibility strategy to reach your ideal clients and take your business growth to the next level.

• Terra’s feminine business framework, to elevate your visibility and attract, with ease(!) more of your soul-aligned clients;

• A proven, powerful visualization process to help you plan your next 90 days of client magnetization. You’ll , know exactly what to do, and when, to attract more clients.

• And more.

How to Be Visible & Attract Your Ideal Clients on Video, with Symone Redomond

Video is a powerful way to connect with people online You can put video to use for you in a way that aligns with, and attracts your ideal clients to you (yes, even if you feel a little uncertain about being on camera)!

You’ll discover:

• a simple structure for creating high-value videos that attracts your ideal clients; i.e., let go of the guesswork and ensure every video is professional and rich in content so people keep coming back for more); 

• how to create the best content for your audience, so everything you create attracts precisely the right people; and  

• why you should share your content out to your social media platforms, and how to shift your mindset, so you actually enjoy being visible; and

• more.

The Art of Feminine Marketing, with Julie Foucht

We have an innate power and natural creativity … and many masculine business strategies stifle them! As woman, you know how to market from your feminine essence, you feel exhilarated and sexy, and you attract more of the people you’re here to serve.

You’ll discover:

• Tips to activate your Feminine Power Centers. You’ll be more creative, better at solving problems, and adept at thinking outside the box. Your products, programs, and brand will stand out, attracting exactly your right people.

• Keys to understanding your perfect clients intimately so that your marketing is magnetic, enrollment conversations flow easily, and prospects say, “yes” to working with you.

• Marketing strategies that support a freedom lifestyle while you build a six-figure (and beyond) business

• And more.

Plus, during the final 75 minutes of the workshop, Terra will walk you through creating a personalized 90-day Action Plan using her highly effective Seasonal Planning Process.

This means you’ll walk away with a feminine success plan to implement what you learn during this event! You’ll walk away empowered with the mindset and tangible strategies to magnetize more of your ideal clients in a powerful, feminine way that aligns with your values and energy.

If you’d like to join us—and take your business to the next level—reserve your spot here:

Take Your Business To The Next Level, With Ease.

We hope to “see” you there.

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