This weekend I was reading a book about witches.

How witches have been portrayed in literature, art and TV.

How the patriarchy sought to cement power by prosecution of witches.

I’ve felt some of these witches in my bones. Lived at least three witch lives in my past… well, three lives as open witches, more hidden, but that’s a story for another time.

I’ve felt their sense of betrayal when they’ve been called out, tortured, killed.

Those wounds resonate in this life too: An abusive ex-husband who crushed any of my attempts at magic; a networking group who told me I was too successful and need to dial it back; friends who complained that I was growing beyond them. Magic was met with eyerolls and blank looks.

For a long time, this kept me hidden, powerless, alone. I marketed my business solely from the masculine, hiding the witchy bits. I talked about launches and programs and creating free gifts…

Then, secretly, I snuck my magic into my coaching; until I realized that hiding who I really was made everything in my business four times as hard. I was in a push, push, push just to make ends meet. It wasn’t fun.

Then, I was called out by a woman of great wisdom. She told me “I must!” bring all of me to the table. Bring the Mama Bear, Divine Goddess, Wild Witch magic that is me.

This was super scary…. at first.

Visibility is a BIG deal. Especially for women. We all carry the legacy of the witch (whether we lived it or not.) We know what happens to women who are vocal, visible and a little magic.

We were taught an ancient message for safety as little girls, “Don’t be so full of yourself.”.

Visibility equals the opportunity for criticism, for becoming a target, for being kicked out of the tribe. For betrayal and loneliness.

And yet…

… it is a powerful tool for healing

… and a necessity to grow your business.

So that you can:

~ Do the work you are meant to do

~ Serve the people you are meant to serve

~ Create the abundance that you are meant to have.

You must make yourself visible so your peeps can connect with you, understand what you do for them, and learn to love and respect your magic.

You must show up, light up, allow your magic to flow into the world to illuminate a path for your right peeps to find you.

This month, in our Facebook group, we are putting together a directory so you can share your magic. I invite you to consider joining us now as your first step toward more visibility.

With all my heart,

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