This week, in my Money class, we talked about shame.

How shame shuts down our ability to receive and the ability for money to flow through us.

Shame makes us hide, making it hard for our right people to find us and hire us.

Shame causes us to hold back all of who we are, hiding our magic behind walls of concrete where it can’t be used by us to benefit anyone.

I have a really beautiful business that allows me lots of flexible time, lots of travel, and amazing experiences.

And still…I find myself holding onto areas of shame.

When I’m invited to join a tele-summit and have to admit I don’t have a list of more than 5000 names… I feel shame.

When I’m asked to join a high-level mastermind and have to admit that I “only” have a 6-figure income… I feel shame.

When I admit that I only work 20-30 – hour weeks… I feel shame. Sometimes I even sit in my office and read celebrity gossip so my husband thinks I’m working… because it’s a work day.

Shame fills my heart with anxiety, my throat tightens, my shoulders tense. I feel myself moving to fight or flight, ready to turn upon myself… thoughts of “You should do better, you are lazy, stupid or just not good enough….” Scroll on replay through my head.

Discussing this in my Money class, we discovered that each woman shares some version of this shame-hell that we create for ourselves.

This shame runs generations deep. A mechanism created to keep us small and powerless. I’m currently reading a book about witches. Writers and teachers condemned powerful, insightful, talented women through centuries, shamed them with images of consort with the Devil, called them evil.

This is the curse of Eve… not that she chose to pick the ripe fruit and enjoy it’s juice. But that she gained knowledge and was therefore shamed for eternity.

In other words, a knowledgeable woman is evil! A powerful woman is bad.

It’s time to flip that sh*t!!!!

It’s time to:

Melt away the shame by filling it with love;

Breathe love into all the parts of our lives where shame has been allowed to take root;

Shine light into the dark corners of our soul;

Invite the shamed parts of ourselves to come back into the healing light;

Open our hearts and filling all those dark voices with love; and

Allow ourselves to celebrate all of who we are.

You are:

I am honored to know you.

With all my heart,

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