Monday’s full moon was a doozy.

It started with me feeling the energy on Sunday afternoon. We had been having a great weekend, with a trip to home depot and our first dinner with friends for over a year (all of us fully vaccinated and eating out doors..)

Sunday, I started to feel like the world was a little off center… or I was a little off center.

I was out of body, sensing the shifts that were happening, the new downloads that were being given.

Then Monday, still being out of my body, I stepped on the edge of our walkway and turned my ankle! That snapped me back fast.

I remember the first time I twisted my ankle. I was 8 or 9, jumping from bolder to bolder when I slipped. When I limped, crying, into the house and my mom told me to go play in my room. We had company and she was busy with them. Only later, when it swelled to twice the normal size, did I get the attention I needed.

The message that little girl got was: don’t bother the grownups.

It’s a message that so many women hear growing up. A message that, somehow, reverberates throughout a world where women are judged more harshly than men, where women’s voices are still ignored in the board room, where women still make less money than men.

I hear the fallout when I talk to women about marketing themselves.

Amazing, talented women suddenly pull themselves inward and put up a shield of reasons to limit marketing themselves. What would their friends think if they started talking about their work? What would their family think? How would their community react?

In other words, “don’t bother the grownups.”

It’s this fear of how others will take it that keeps so many of us from fully expressing our brilliance.

What if, instead, you trusted that your work is more important than your fear. That the more you allow yourself to be seen, the more Source magic will flow through you. What if marketing was you, showing up with all of you, all over the place, all the time telling people about your gifts. So that the ones you are meant to serve can find you.

What if you stopped hiding???

What would you say about you?

What would you say about your work?

I’d love to have you share with my community. We brag, in our Facebook community, on Wednesdays. Join us today, and share your amazingness.

With all my heart,

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