I slip back into old habits sometimes. I get lazy and slide into full on masculine do-do-do mode.

And I start to feel restless, unsettled, even a little angry.

I wonder, in those moments, what it would be like to retire. (In my sane moments I realize 1) it would be boring! and 2) I don’t know what that means LOL)

Then I remember: We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are humans who have chosen our spiritual awakening through the lens of entrepreneurship.

Which means, who we BE is 90% of the formula for success. 10% is our marketing, our social media posts, our email lists and so on.

I can help you nail the marketing; yet, if you aren’t in alignment, both your marketing and my help won’t work!

If you are hiding out behind a mask of being a good girl, a rebel, or a respectable woman, or any of the multiple “acceptable” masks that women are so good at wearing… then all the marketing in the world is not going to attract your right peeps.

Sure, a few will slip through your well-constructed smoke and mirrors, see the real you, and they’ll fall in love.

Yet, you know you’re not doing your work for just a FEW!

You have a whole tribe of people who are just waiting for your magic. When you share your magic with them, it frees them to share their magic. And through all that magic, we begin to heal the world.

Hiding is our legacy.

I have visions of past lives, of having my magic found out and being slashed with a three pronged whip for daring to heal. Of being dragged from my newborn son and burned for gathering herbs in the woods. Of hearing the cries of my sisters as their magic and their lives were taken from them, buckling under my sense of betrayal and pain. Of taking refuge in convents, where magic becomes miracles acceptable to patriarchal powers.

Tears gather in my eyes, and my heart breaks a little, as I write these words.

While this is my soul’s journey, yours has many of the same themes.

Punished for being who you are. Punished for your connection to magic that comes from Source. Punished for not conforming to standards others put forth.

And then here in 2021, we have this life where girls are told to be modest, don’t brag, don’t dress for trouble and powerful women are criticized, stalked, threatened…. No fucking wonder we are so good at hiding.

But hiding keeps you small and disappointed.

Hiding positions a huge wall between you and the important work you are here on the planet to do.

And so, we begin to peel back the layers.

 ~ Going inward, connecting with your Highest Self to discover the masks you’ve created in the name of safety;

 ~ Bathing in the love of Source to remember the Divine Goddess that lives within you;

 ~ Aligning on the spiritual planes with the energy of your mission and your business;

 ~ Releasing the voices of your ancestors urging you to stay little;

 ~ Rewriting any vows or contracts that aren’t in your highest and best good;~ Dissolving any hooks or bindings that hold you back;~  And allowing the inner little child in you to go play, so the adult you can run your business.

When the real YOU emerges, then marketing actions, unique to you, work like magic.

I invite you to come out and BE you. The wild, sensual, earthy, Source-wise, magical you.

With all my heart,

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