I was chatting with a friend the other day about her business. She is amazing and magical, and like most of us, has seen tremendous change in her business in the last year.

After a deep dive in the Records about the work she is meant to do, she asked, “But how do I market transformation?”

The answer? You don’t.

Because people don’t know they need transformation.

People, your people, know they have problems that need fixing. The transformation you provide is the process you use to solve their problem. They don’t care about the process, they just want the problems to go away.

Those problems make them feel a certain way that they don’t want to feel.  ⭠ Those feelings become what the marketing world calls the “away from motivators.”

Your prospects want to feel something different. They want to glow with love and understanding. They want to dance with joy. ⭠ The feelings they want are “toward motivators.”

Next time you are watching TV, don’t fast forward through the commercials. Notice the emotions that the car commercials promise… excitement, adventure, joy. Perfume commercials offer a dreamscape of love and magic, allure and beauty.  People talk about how they cry during certain commercials. The advertising agencies have successfully tapped into some emotion in their 30 second spot.

Good marketing starts by understanding how your peeps feel about the problems they have that you are here to help them transform.

But the heart is not enough.

After the crying, the head gets involved, demanding, “Show me the money!”

In other words, the head has to logically see what the return on the investment for hiring you is.  You have to get very, very specific when you add the logic bit to your marketing.

I can’t just tell you that I’ll help you grow your business. I will tell you that I’ll guide you in discovering the exact words to use in creating an emotional connection with your right tribe. Then I’ll help you craft a list of specific, logical reasons for people to choose to hire you. When you put these together, you’ll double the number of clients signing up to work with you.

And that’s the technical part of marketing… head and heart. In the Art of Feminine Marketing there is a third step…

… Infusing your marketing messages with Source energy through meditation and ritual calling in the clients that are meant to be yours, opening you to a greater flow of money, and elevating your work in the world.

After all, as my friend said at the end of our call, “You can’t run muggle marketing and expect magic results.”

I invite you to schedule a complimentary “Feminine Business Assessment” call with me today to explore how Feminine Marketing can double or triple your business and your income in 2021.

With all my heart,

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