It’s well and truly Spring here.

I no longer have to bundle in hat and scarf for my morning walk.

Last week, I started a herb garden. As I was planting, I held out each herb to my granddaughter and said, “Kiki, smell this one…now this one.” She wrinkled her nose, gave her opinion, and then went back to lounging in the sun with the cat.

We are in the midst of planning Grammy Camp… our annual week of adventures with our littles.

And I’m dreaming what my business needs in the next few months.

Checking in with Source I hear the whispers, “Slow, breathe, listen, be.  This is the path to growth.”

This contradicts the voices of society that tell us to “Work hard”, “Crush it”, “Those that are willing to work the hardest make the most money.” These voices make me feel tired.

Pushing a big boulder up a steep hill doesn’t feel like much fun, no matter how much money you get at the top.

I remember being told by a relative, “You don’t get to have fun at work. You can have fun after you retire!!”

She was serious.

Slow… Breathe… Listen… Be.

You didn’t start your business in order to work harder than you ever did at a job. You didn’t decide you would push, and grind, and force until you fell, exhausted and disappointed into a heap of bitter resentment.

You started your business because something stirred in you, calling you to remember your purpose, to do the work you were born to do. You felt the longing of your right tribe for the transformation only you can bring. You felt the magic of your work tingling in your fingertips, your heart, and your womb.

You listened.

Then the massiveness of this undertaking became clear. Being an entrepreneur, building a sustainable, profitable business, and still finding time for the things and people you love felt, sometimes, undoable.

The suggestion to slow down, to breathe, to listen is ludicrous. You have things to DO.

And yet, doing without slowing to listen will only lead to losing yourself. Losing your connection to your Divine essence from which you create new ideas, new programs, new and more effective ways of marketing. Losing your ability to magnetically connect to your tribe in the spirit world, so they can find you in the physical world. Losing your relationship with the Energy of Money, breaking the flow of Money into your life.

As the world quickens with the coming of spring, remember to slow… breathe… listen… BE. Allow your BEingness to direct your DOing, so that your actions support your growth and the growth of your business.

At the end of the day, there is no merit badge for being busy.

There is only the joy of being your full self, doing the work you were meant to do, abundantly supported by Money and acknowledged and respected for your wisdom.

With all my heart,

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