Last week my team posted a question in our Facebook community asking “What is your biggest marketing challenge?”

The results were eye opening. One of the big ones was about ascribing a title to one’s self.

You may be feeling this challenge yourself.

Most of the women in this community are magicians and witches.  You do deep, important healing work that is beyond the scope of the modern brain to understand. Your work is so powerful that people walk away changed, showering you with respect and love.

Yet, when asked to share what you do, you aren’t sure what to say. You feel lost between the worlds of seen and unseen, the magic of healing at a soul level, and the inadequacy of language to describe it.  This can make marketing really hard and sad.

Here’s the key to switching that: stop trying to talk about your process and understand that people buy with their emotions and then justify the purchase with logic.

So, for example, saying that you “…remove energy blocks so that you live your best life…” might be interesting, but it doesn’t hit either of the “buy” buttons.

To craft marketing that sells, you first create an emotional connection with your people. Emotional words that will attract the right people, the ones you were born to serve, can be pulled from your life experiences, the very wounds that became catalysts for your own growth.

Then you add facts about the tangible Return On Investment (ROI). In other words, they’ll trade money for specific results that solve a clearly seen, physical-world problem.

To get to the ROI, ask yourself, “What will change in my client’s physical world when my client experiences my healing?” This is not about how they’ll feel different, or inner healing that occurs.

It is about their experience as a human being in living a human life. A result they can point to and say, “I know that this happened because I worked with HER.”

I tell people that I show female coaches, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs who are frustrated with traditional marketing (⭠did you catch the emotion there?) how to lay the foundations of a 6 or 7-figure business that honors their Divine Feminine and fills their bank account. (⭠a result the head can “buy” into!)

This is not on my business card. Nor is it what I write on my tax forms. Because no one at the IRS is going to look at that form and want to work with me. In that case, I just say “I’m a coach”.

And that’s fine. Everyone won’t need to hear or understand what you do. Yet, when you are in a room where your peeps might be hanging out, you’ll need a statement that pulls them toward you, so that they will see how you can help them.

“I help people who feel XYZ create a result that lets them ABC.”

Right now, I have room on my calendar to help two more women discover their marketing words and ROI positioning and craft their client magnet statement.

Oh… and we are going to be doing lots of healing, transformation, and inner magic – because that’s what all witches mix into their work!

Would you like to join me for a complimentary call to assess your marketing and potential for growth? Schedule your time here.

With all my heart,

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