One of the ways to up your income, is to expand your ability to receive.

While discussing this in our Money Group, I suggested we start a receiving circle. This would require some people to send things to others. It could be a love note, a letter of appreciation, a hand made token. Anything.

And the receiver was to practice opening. Feeling the love put into the gift. Opening more. Feeling the connection. Opening more. Feeling the support of the universe.

Continue opening, feeling more and more gratitude, love and appreciation as they held the gift.

Then I sent each woman a print of my own art.

I have to tell you, I love to give. I love to enable the experience of receiving. It was so fun to send something.

And today I received a gift from one of the women.

A hand died purple scarf from the Eye of The Dragon in the Pacific Northwest.

It fills me with gratitude, with love, with wonder.

I receive and say “Yes, yes, yes! I am open to receiving. I am open to more blessings coming to me. Whatever Source provides. Yes, yes, yes!”

And I’m grateful to Haden for being the channel through which this blessing flowed. I adore you. You are a magic creatrix. Thank you, thank you!

Sister, you, too, are magic.

You are a Goddess walking this planet.

Your work is so, so valuable.

You are deserving of all the blessings coming to you.

With this note comes love and acknowledgment. I see you. I understand.

I encourage you to receive this. To take it in and ask how can I receive it even more. How can I open so more of this love can fill me? And more? And more?

The more you are able to receive, the more you will be given. And your ability to hold more blessings, allows those whose lives you touch to open. The more we open, the more abundance flows.

My dream is for more and more women to have the experience of abundance flowing through them, money coming to them, their work being validated, respected and highly influential. In this way, we change the world.

With all my heart,

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