Magic is in the air.

We are four days into the Courting Money experience and money miracles are already appearing. Money, winking at us to let us know it is listening.

As the women in our Facebook community are expanding their understanding of money, I too am being called forth.

 I am a wild, witchy Goddess. I’ve lived on this planet for several decades now, and I hear the whispers of Source wisdom in my bones. Money reminds me that when I allow these soul truths to flow from my fingers onto the page, my wealth increases. EACH TIME.

The human me really likes this. I like buying gifts for my grandkids, having great adventures, living in comfort.

Sometimes my mind tries to figure it out. I put together a formula, get lazy, fall back on old messages.

This never works!

Source calls me forward. To the next evolution of service in the world. To the next deepening of my understanding. To the next widening of my ability to receive.

I lean into my sisterhood of co-creators to hold me steady as I expand into the places I’ve never been, stepping off the cliff of knowing into the mystery of what is next. My sisterhood listens, reflects back what they see in me, acts as the mirror for my own unfolding.

Mama Earth holds me. Expresses now, in the fullness of the recent Solstice, true abundance. The trees present a solid green canopy, filled with the shush of the wind and the songs of many different birds, harmonizing together. My garden is lush, nearing the first harvest of squash. Last week an eagle soared over head as we floated on a lake sparkling with water fairies. Mama Earth letting me know I can let go and trust in her abundance.

The next evolution is coming. I’m taking notes and allowing it to be born through me. Something for the wise women who were made for these times, ready to expand into greater wealth and prosperity, allowing their wisdom to spread across the globe, leaving a legacy.

Who is with me?

With all my heart,

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