Calling the wisdom keepersthe grandmothers, the wild, wise witchy women .

Calling you to ground in your Divine Feminine wild nature. Fill yourself with the magic that stirs in your pussy, your heart, your blood.

You are a wise woman, made for these times. Sharing the knowledge that flows through you from Source to heal the next generation.

Sweet sister, I invite you to widen and deepen your ability to receive more and more – money, respect, acknowledgement, love, connection, abundance.

Your scars bear witness to the decades you have lived, the healing you’ve achieved, the life you’ve created. 

Now is the time to gather side-by-side, to shine forth with our wrinkles and wisdom and speak to a wider audience, to share our journey in a broken earth for the highest and best healing of all.

We have felt the bitter betrayal of “loves” who failed to see us, painted us as the cause of all of their problems, attempted to squash our magic because it is so powerful… and we found our way through and out.

We have been mired in shame and doubt, buried in landslides of scarcity, running as fast as we could on a hamster wheel of doing, thinking it was the only way to ensure we could feed our children and pay the rent…. And still, we hewed a way through and out.

We have spent years stuck in places and jobs that weren’t quite right, feeling the longing of our Soul’s work, helplessly twisting ourselves into some version of acceptable… until we could do it no more and we crafted a way through and out.

And those that follow us… they are feeling all of those things we felt. They are longing for someone to show them the way through. They are longing for us to come out of hiding, stand in the fullness of our hard-earned wisdom to show them the way.

This is Soul-work. When you do this work, in partnership with the Energy of Money…

… your earthly life is abundantly supported.

It can be no other way.

Today you know how to breathe freely, how to connect with the songs of the ancestors… heck, you even know how to enroll a client or two!

Now is the time to expand. To be seen and acknowledged on a wider scale. To open the channels of abundance that flow through us. To live our one wild, abundant life.

And so it is.

With all my heart,

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