Last week we finished the Courting Money Experience. It was an amazing deep dive into it the Energy of Money and how we relate to it.

Potential lucrative scenarios become exponentially multiplied when doing this work.

I tapped into the energy of money this morning, and I could see there’s so much more to living a prosperous life.

Each morning, in the easy cool of the marine layer, I walk the hills behind my home. Quail buddies flutter together across the pathway. Bunnies leap from the bushes, deer stand and stare among the tall scrub, a pair of hawks cry out ravenously.

I feel prosperous as I experience the ebb and flow of nature.

Living here is a gift made possible by my collaborations with money.

I was told once, by a yoga teacher, that she could teach me how to live on $10,000 a year. As if having no money was the more noble goal.

As if struggling to make ends meet would make me a better person, a better teacher.

Let me be very clear. I’ve been broke. I’ve been in the desperate push to make just enough money to pay my rent, not able to buy a new pair of tennis shoes, and carefully watching every penny so I could feed my kids.

It did not make me more loving, more connected, more able to give of myself.

It made me bitter, afraid, and powerless.

As Money and I have become friends over our long years together, I’ve discovered that having money makes me more generous, calmer, more able to savor the sweetness of this life.

And, it gives me the resources to help spread my message more widely. The resources to seek experiences that deepen my connection to Source. The resources to live a wild, juicy prosperous life.

I want this for you.

It’s a little selfish, my wanting.

You see, I want to have fellow sisters to experience the world with me. I want us to join hands and heal the pain that permeates the planet. I want us to dance wildly in honor of Mama Earth. I want to play, and give generously, and have deep conversations about what makes us prosperous.

Want to join me?

I’m launching the Wise Women’s Wealth Group, a sisterhood for growing your relationship with Money, expanding your wealth, and living a prosperous life.

PM me to apply for a spot.

With all my heart,

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