In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Monica Rodgers, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Truth-Teller, Soul-Diver, Light-worker, and an Alchemist.

Bringing an infectious warmth and playful levity wherever she goes, Monica Rodgers is a tireless advocate for the full actualization of women, inspiring women everywhere that saying “YES to the MESS” is the missing link to self-love and personal awakening.

Through her podcast and group coaching programs, Monica guides women through their inner (r)evolution, from trance to transcendence, revealing the toxic myths of social conditioning and self-doubt in order to illuminate the magic and magnificence of our imperfect selves.

She believes that women can take action towards realizing our true potential only when we stop proving and striving to be who everyone wants us to be. When we reveal the truth of who we are, we return to our “original design” and with the practice of self love and compassion, we become aligned, opening the portal into our divine purpose where true prosperity dwells. There has never been a more important time for women to reveal the truth of who we are as a catalyst for positive change in the world as the Divine Feminine returns.

Monica and I dish on:

  • The reason why women need to write a “Bill of Rights” to guide their business
  • How perfectionism sabotages us
  • What does “unbecoming” mean and why it’s so important
  • The 7 steps to feminine freedom

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