I just received a message from a client who informed me that June was her best revenue month EVER!

She is working less and making more while having a huge impact on her clients.

A few months ago, as her income was starting to take off, she expressed confusion. “It’s not because of my marketing.” She sighed.

I pointed out that it was the way she was stepping into her highest self and allowing the energy of invitation to flow out into the world. The marketing simply opened the space in the physical world for her spiritual invite to land.

And today… Best Revenue Month Ever.

The art of audacious prosperity is 90% who you BE and 10% what you Do.

So many teachers will tell you what to DO! There are bookshelves of business books giving all the dos.

If DOING was the main key to success…. Americans would all be rich and famous. We are masters at doing!

Achieving prosperity begins by going inward

Making a connection with Source…

Realigning how you walk in the world to reflect your Highest Self…

Allowing the light of truth and wisdom that lives within you to shine.

This is not done lightly.

There is risk in allowing others to see your purpose and your magic.

There is the chance that loved ones will roll their eyes and sigh loudly, “Mawwmm!” 🠨(It’s happened to me more than once!)

Old friends may begin to distance themselves because you’ve become uncomfortably truthful.

Trolls could pop up on Social Media to let you know that “you are as useful as a cardboard canoe.” 🠨(Also a true story)

True prosperity comes from doing only when your Divine Feminine gives direction to your Divine Masculine. “I desire to send this email,” she whispers. And he delights in making it so.

I’ve opened the doors to a new sisterhood of wise women, supporting you to become the visible manifestation of your highest self on the planet… so you want have your Best Revenue Months… month after month after month.

Want to join me?

Hit reply and say “I’m ready for my best revenue months” and I’ll get more info out to you.

With all my heart,

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