It’s 1:30 in the afternoon.

My mind drifts to a creative project I’m working on.

Then the “Clock Watcher” in me pips up. “Is this a moneymaking endeavor? Is it the highest and best use of your time? What would a 7-figure CEO be doing right now?”

I sigh, set down the paints….

… then I remember.

When working in the Feminine there is an ebb and flow. There is time to drift into dream land, pick up a paint brush and paint fairy wings. And there is a time to write copy, lay out a marketing plan, create a new program.

The human construct of time doesn’t dictate any of this. The only thing it does dictate is appointments, because otherwise connection becomes very messy.

And so, I paint.

In the strokes of the brush details of a new program appear. A way of doing business, doing life that is rich with love and respect. That honors the Divine Feminine within, the Divine Masculine that supports us with inspired action.

I sketch out the details, then paint some more.

Later I’ll take a walk. The insistent hawks outside my window are calling me to put my feet on Mama Earth.

I’ll take my cell phone with me and dictate copy in my notes app as the energy of nature vibrates through me.

I feel gratitude well up within for this life, this prosperity. I’m so grateful for a business that provides abundantly for my earthly needs. I’m so grateful for the lessons Money has shared with me. I’m so grateful for the constant connection I feel with Source.

I open all parts of me and say “Yes and more please.”

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With all my heart,

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