This September I’m calling together a sisterhood of women who are committed to creating more wealth while sharing their wisdom with a bigger audience.

We live in a society that has long marginalized older women.

But when we look at ancient peoples, it is the old women who carry the wisdom of the tribe. The old women who tell the teaching stories, who keep the history, who share the rituals and the magic so that the next generations can grow stronger and healthier.

As this world is evolving, , the voices of the Wise Women are more necessary than ever.  We have raised children and experienced the old world of work. Now Source calls  us to be brave, speak out, share our important knowledge in a way that has never been done before.

During the the Art of Feminine Marketing, women learned how to craft marketing that honors their Divine Feminine while taking action that supports their dreams. Now, we are taking that a step further with the Art of Audacious Prosperity.

The Art of Audacious Prosperity is a guided journey to create your own highly profitable, soul – fueled business.

This is not for everyone. On the journey you’ll discover hidden blocks, past-life agreements, and ancestral vows designed to keep you small and powerless. You’ll face deeply-held beliefs and old patterns of behavior that keep you stuck, alone and disappointed.

Together we’ll clear these obstacles from your pathway so that your ability to attract more clients, more money, more respect, more freaking fabulous experiences, and more prosperity is constantly widening. Constantly attracting more of what you want. (I’m really good at this!)

You’ll learn the Art of Manifesting Money, so that you can call in an extra $3000, $5000, $10,000 whenever you need it.

This includes the secret steps that I discovered when I manifested my home on the Central Coast of California a few years ago.

We’ll use the collective energy of the sistermind to amplify your ability to manifest over – and – over, so that your business and your life are abundantly supported.

And we’ll take care of business. You’ll uplevel your marketing using the principals of the Art of Feminine Marketing.

First, you’ll uncover the magic language of your right tribe, so that when you send out an email, they feel instantly connected and understood… which leads them easily toward saying yes to your offers.

You’ll learn to position yourself uniquely, raising your value and importance in your field. Allowing you to ask for, and receive, more for your expertise.

You’ll design your offers in collaboration with your Divine Feminine Self so that they truly reflect all of who you are, and you’ll take action from your Divine Masculine Self so things flow with ease and honesty…. No bullsh*t smoke and mirrors allowed!

You’ll do this in a community of Wise Women sisters who will support you, call you out, brainstorm ideas, and be the circle of love that allows you to fully step in your Wealthy Wise Woman self.

Want to join us?

There is an application process to make sure we get the right women. Just hit reply and say, “I’m ready” and I’ll get you the rest of the info. 

With all my heart,

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