I’ve decided it’s time to manifest a new kitchen.

We’ve been in this home 3 years tolerating old laminate, cupboard doors that fall off and cracked tile.

It’s time.

And there are some things I need to do to manifest a kitchen that will delight me, long term.

It occurred to me that you, too, might have a desire you wish to manifest.

Maybe it’s a house project, or a really amazing family vacation after a year of lock down. Maybe you dream of filling your programs with exactly the right clients who will take what you teach and soar. Maybe you want to crash through your current income ceiling with ease and fun.

Whatever it is, there are real, particular keys to manifestation.

I’ll be sharing those keys live in our Facebook community in a special Masterclass: The Art of Manifesting Money, August 3, 4 and 5 at 11 AM pacific.

I’ve only shared this in my private, paid groups before however, Money is clear that I should share with you now.

Imagine being able to manifesting an extra $1000, $3000, $10,000 whenever you need it.

I’m spilling the beans for the members of our Facebook family:

Tuesday Aug 3, we’ll cover the energetic laws that you need to understand to become a manifesting genius.

Wednesday Aug 4, you’ll go deeper into your Soul’s longings and alignment with the things you desire.

Thursday, I’ll lay out the actions that allow your dreams to manifest on the physical plane.

We have a simple sign-up form here so I can send you the worksheets and handouts that will accompany each day. Then, you just join me in our Facebook group and we will do the work together.

Looking forward to your Money Manifestations,

With all my heart,

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