You can cross the next income threshold in one of two ways.

You can push and grind, staying at your desk for “just a few more minutes” to crank out one more email, a handful of social media posts, a new launch. You can proudly show off your dark circles and pale cheeks from hours sitting in front of your computer working on your business, while your husband whips up frozen fish sticks, frozen veggies and tater tots because they are fast, and he stayed late at work too.


… you can lean into the Divine Feminine way as you…

~ Ground in Mama Earth ~

~ Align with Source energy ~

~ Attunee to the vibration of what you are meant to create ~

Only then, taking action.

While the first way feels hard, requiring lots of sacrifice, its actually much easier.

In our society we get rewarded for being a hard-working, self-sacrificing, slightly bitchy entrepreneur. It’s a badge of honor to be “so busy.”

And your hustle has gotten you this far. Maybe you have already hit 6-figures, or you are on your way. Clients love the work you do for them.  You love the work….

… but something is off.

I’ve been there. Hurtling through life, checking things off the list, making sh#t happen. Until a man driving a big pickup decided not to stop at a red light, despite me being stopped ahead of him. It wasn’t the first hit, it was the bounce off the car stopped ahead of me that did the most damage to my body.

Suddenly, I couldn’t hurtle any more. I couldn’t work 12 hour days. I couldn’t crank out more….. stuff.

I had to stop and listen.

“There is a better way,” the Divine Feminine whispered. “A way that honors the sultry, sexy, Mama Bear fierce, gentle, creative, connected feminine soul.”

This way requires trust in the unseen, trust that Source is the Source of all things.

That the moments of action are guided by the internal direction of the soul.

That summers are meant for playing hooky with your granddaughters in the pool or morning hikes with your husband in the misty marine layer that comes every June and July.

It requires tuning into your own creativity in whatever form it takes and dancing out the fear and anxiety about the next big launch.

Then allowing the energy of your business to direct your actions, not the dictates of some guru that has the perfect “formula”.

This is where true prosperity is created, where money abundantly supports you and time is plentiful. Where the light of your soul reflected in the words that you use attracts perfect clients, amazing opportunities, and the ability to serve a wider audience with more ease.

Which path are you choosing today?

With all my heart,

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