I spent last weekend at a small family reunion.  Only 30 of us present this time. (We’ve had 60-80 in past years.)

At one point my uncle explained that you should “work when your kids are growing up, do what you need to do, and after that you just make so little money that you don’t have to pay income taxes. And that is a good life.”

While I appreciate that he is happy with his life, it’s not a philosophy that appeals to me.  I love Money. I love what Money allows me to do. And I plan to continue allowing ever increasing amounts of money into my life… as long as I’m here on the planet.

However, it got me wondering. How many of my money beliefs are still being influenced by my family of origin?

I’ve done a lot of work over the past 30 years to unhook from the beliefs that don’t serve me. This is another reminder to keep doing the work, looking deeper, peeling away what keeps me small and powerless. 

So many of our beliefs are unconscious, driving our actions and results. It takes a conscious effort to unwrap them, to choose what to keep and what to reframe. Because beliefs can change, and our results will be completely different as a result.

Every time I do this work, my manifestation abilities increase. My income goes up. My satisfaction with my work skyrockets.

You’ll have the opportunity to examine some of your money beliefs in my free Masterclass, The Art of Manifesting Money, August 3, 4, and 5 in our Facebook Community.

I’m sharing the spiritual and physical practices and actions (which I used to manifest and pay for my California coastal home when it unexpectedly became available) to manifest more money coming into your household on a regular basis…

… including the hidden step that The Secret never shared. **It’s not enough to just ‘think good thoughts’. **

Tuesday Aug 3 at 11 am Pacific, we’ll cover the energetic laws that you need to understand to become a manifesting genius.

Wednesday Aug 4 at 11 am Pacific, you’ll go deeper into your Soul’s longings and alignment with the things you desire.

Thursday at 11 am Pacific, I’ll lay out the actions that allow your dreams to manifest on the physical plane. 

Each session lasts one hour and you’ll walk away with actionable items so you can start Manifesting right away.

Reserve your space today.

With all my heart,

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