In a little less than a week I’ll be teaching the Art of Manifesting Money live in our Facebook community.

AND the manifestations have already started!!

A key to understanding manifesting is to know that it’s all about energy. The act of registering for class creates an energy shift that begins to call and the things your soul desires.

One member of our community sent me an email letting me know that right after registering for the program she received unexpected check for $1500. Something her heart had been longing for.

Another goddess had a chat with me the phone and reported that she had signed up, and then manifested an opportunity for her business that she didn’t even know existed…;yet it was the perfect solution to multiple issues she was having.

I freaking love hearing these stories. And this is just the beginning.

I am super excited to hear all about your manifestations as we get closer to the master class, and the results that you were able to create after.

If you haven’t yet registered, do so today.

Here are all the dates:

We’ll meet in our Facebook Community August 3, 4, and 5.

By registering, you’ll receive the worksheets and handouts that accompany the information I’ll be sharing.

Tuesday Aug 3 at 11 am Pacific, we’ll cover the energetic laws that you need to understand to become a manifesting genius.

Wednesday Aug 4 at 11 am Pacific, you’ll go deeper into your Soul’s longings and alignment with the things you desire.

Thursday at 11 am Pacific, I’ll lay out the actions that allow your dreams to manifest on the physical plane.

Each session lasts one hour and you’ll walk away with actionable items that you can use to start Manifesting right away.

Reserve your space today.

With all my heart,

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