Tomorrow I’ll begin sharing the Art of Manifesting Money in our Facebook community.

As I prepare for our journey into the fascinating and intoxicating energetic principles of Money, I’ve been reflecting on my own journey.

I was raised as the oldest of 5 children without a lot of extras. My mom drove an OLD car and I wore hand-me-downs from the neighbors. I squirreled away babysitting money and change I found on the ground, hoping that none of my siblings would find my stash and take it.

It wasn’t until the mid-1990s that I began to study the energy of Money and dissect my own limiting beliefs about what I was “allowed” to have.

I’ve worked with numerous mentors, read dozens of books and, most importantly, have an ongoing conversation with the Energy of Money itself.

All of this came together in 2018 when I purchased my current home.  I hadn’t planned to buy at that time. I hadn’t done any of the things you are supposed to, including: I hadn’t saved the money for a down payment.

But there it was. The unit I wanted, in the location I wanted, with a big 4-sale sign.

I had been manifesting this opportunity for a while, all that was left was to say yes, manifest the money, and celebrate.

Then, Money said, “Woman, you need to teach others how to do this.”

I won’t bore you with all the mental gymnastics I went through about why I couldn’t, why it would step on the toes of the “money teachers” and how I wasn’t qualified. I had just proven myself.

So, I taught it to the clients in my high-end programs. And they loved it.

And now, I’m bringing it to you, absolutely free.

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With all my heart,

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