In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Vicki Znavor, a wife, mom, HR executive and author whose career spans more than 30 years in some of Chicago’s leading companies where she has helped countless people work in a more authentic way while achieving their career goals.

In her first book, Authenticity Reawakened, Vicki offers a glimpse into journey from a tough childhood in a small Indiana town to her unlikely rise to the C-suite.

Her years in the corporate sector encompassed such leading companies as Sara Lee Corporation, Northern Trust and CIBC Bank USA, previously known as The PrivateBank. At Sara Lee, she focused on managing the impact of massive change on more than 140,000 employees worldwide. Her years in the corporate sector embraced an impressive array of roles with major impact on the lives of people she served and supported.

Today, she is here to talk about how YOU can tap into your own Authenticity to learn how to communicate honestly, frankly and effectively in ways that will open doors for you, prevent conflict or resolve it, ask for what you are worth and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. And how this process of discovering your core values can also lead to finding your purpose in life.

Vicki lives in Indiana and likes to spend her free time with her husband Tom visiting their children and grandchildren.

Vicki and I dish on:

  • Why the word “authenticity” has become the buzzword in our culture today
  • How striving for perfection only ends up in frustration and unworthiness
  • Ways being fake can cost you in growing your business
  • How leaders can encourage their teams to be more authentic

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