Last week, I met with an amazingly powerful wise woman to facilitate a VIP day for her.

I was nervous.

I had a lightly sketched, one-page agenda for the day.

And I didn’t know what would happen.

We had a quick chat about her expectations over a cup of tea, and then headed to the beach.

We drew a circle in the sand, and called in the powers of light and healing:

Powers of East with winds of knowledge and wisdom, powers of the south that sparks our passion, powers of the west to hone our intuition and powers of the north to ground us on Mama Earth.”

As the energy of Source poured through us, clearing our own energy, we felt the Divine Feminine rise within, bringing her consort, the Divine Masculine.

I opened her Akashic Records and we began.

My agenda quickly became obsolete.

Opportunities to heal past wounds rose quickly. My client took each one with strength, courage, tears and love. Healing deep pain, releasing old patterns, stepping bravely into her soul’s calling.

As we worked, a turkey vulture circled three times, a symbol of stripping away to get to the bones, leaving the truth bare.

And then, she was done.

Three hours had passed without either of us noticing.

I know this work will have a profound effect. She is made for big things and has now cleared her path. The most immediate result is that she looks 5 years younger. (She was already gorgeous… we just lifted the old burdens that were weighing her down.)

After a nourishing lunch we sketched out a few next steps… so that her masculine knows what to do, and she was on her way.

I’m excited to share that I’ve opened my calendar for a few more women to schedule VIP days with me. Your day will be uniquely designed for you to strip away old pain, release old patterns and step into the next evolution of your Being.

To be considered for one of the spots, simply reply to this message and say, I want my VIP experience.

With all my heart,

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