I’m reclaiming the word witch!

Last weekend we had dinner with the neighbors.

The newest edition to our little group asked, “But what do you do?”

Someone opined, “She is a healer.”

Yes, I agreed, but also a witch.

“Witch has so many bad connotations,” I was reminded.

And I had to agree with that as well….

But what, really, is a witch?

A woman of power.

A woman who uses her connection to Source to manifest her soul’s longing.

A healer.

A dreamer.

A magician.

It was men who feared women’s power that made the word witch a bad thing. Men who taught that emotions were weakness and only rational thought counted. Men who sought power over and quashed anything they couldn’t control.

It was the age of patriarchy and women who made magic were uncontrollable, and so were painted as evil.

As we usher in a new age where the masculine and feminine dance together equally, it’s time for the witches to wake up and reclaim our magic.

This fall, I’m calling together a new sisterhood of wise women healers, who carry ancient memories of lives as witches, who are ready to reclaim their magic and create businesses that reflect all of who they are.

Sometimes the memories are clear and carry the sting of betrayal, burning, being kicked out of the tribe.

Sometimes they are filled with such great power that they scare us into staying small and lost.

Sometimes they are just a feeling flickering just out of sight that there is more to us, more to what we can do, more to what we are meant for in this life, if only we could see it.

As we walk together in our new sisterhood, you’ll experience my magic to clear the path, heal the old wounds, and create the safe containers so you can fully express your power.

We will “package” your magic in ways that will most benefit your clients, and make it easy for them to say yes to your offers.

We’ll dig into the gifts of your childhood wounds to discover the words and phrases that become spells for attracting the right clients.

We’ll activate your manifesting powers, aligning you with your soul’s desire, birthing your dreams into reality.

We’ll tackle the inner work, transforming woundsremoving ancient vows and contracts that keep you stuck, rewiring familial and societal beliefs.

And I’ll be right by your side as you take actions drawn from your connection to the Divine to open the flow of money, respect and acknowledgment into your business.

To qualify you must be willing to:

~  be uncomfortable as you expand out of your comfort zone.

~  explore the dark shadows where you have banished the parts of you that scare you, shame you, and embarrass you, bringing all of you back into the light

~  do stuff in your business that you don’t know how to do, as we explore and discover what works… uniquely for you

~ take imperfect action in service to your mission

~ abundantly celebrate, uplift, and encourage the sisterhood of wise women who have gathered

If you meet these qualifications, I invite you to consider joining us.

Schedule an interview with me today to see if you are a fit.

With all my heart,

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