Today, when I opened my Akashic Records, I saw a winged horse. A mythical being of great power frolicking in the clouds.

“What does this mean?” I asked.

“It means,” responded the Record Keepers, “that there is great power in letting go and trusting that you can fly.”

I had just finished teaching day 3 of The Art of Manifesting Money where I shared the energetic principles of manifesting. The final key is letting go of controlling.

I was being asked to trust my own process, to trust my own teaching.

I laughed, “yes, of course.”

In the world of business, we are taught to plan our marketing strategy, map out intended results and drive, drive, drive results until you are so sick of “working” that you end up hiding in the bathroom wondering what the heck is wrong with you. The entrepreneurial motto is “Work hard. Play hard.”

And for a while, you bought that. But now, you just want to freaking cry with bitterness.

I used to work that way….12-14 – hour days that left me exhausted and uninspired. I started to dread my business, the thing I’d worked so hard to create.

Then I made a decision to try a different way.

I leaned into the practices of connecting with Source and reignited my inner magic.

Today I work for fulfillment, rather than the bottom line, and I  make a 6-figure income working part time.

I work with amazing, soul-connected clients who are up to big things in the world.

I take time to play with my little grandchildren weekly and walk in nature daily.

Right now, I’m in a crazy creative process and drawing or painting every day.

This is what it’s like to let go of controlling everything, and work the Feminine way.

This fall, I’m opening the doors to a new Sisterhood of Wise Women focused on the Art of Audacious Prosperity.  I’m adding more magic as well as the nuts and bolts of creating a 6-figure business.

As we walk together in our new sisterhood, you’ll experience my magic to clear a path, heal old wounds, and create safe containers so that you can fully express your power.

We will “package” your magic in ways that will most benefit your clients and make it easy for them to say yes to your offers.

We’ll dig into the gifts of your childhood wounds to discover the words and phrases that become spells to attract  the right clients.

We’ll activate your manifesting powers, align you with your soul’s desire, and birth your dreams into reality.

We’ll tackle the inner work, transform woundsremove ancient vows and contracts that keep you stuck, and rewire familial and societal beliefs.

And I’ll be right by your side as you take actions drawn from your connection to the Divine to open the flow of money, respect and acknowledgment into your business.

If you are ready to let go of working hard, and ready to create success the feminine way, with plenty of time left for your family, your hobbies and yourself, hit reply and I’ll get you all the info.

To your Audacious Success!

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