This fall I’m calling together a small group of coaches, healers, mystics and secret witches for a year-long journey to claim Audacious Prosperity.

I’m delighted to invite you to apply for one of the spots.

We will work in both the energetic, spiritual plan as well as the physical, nuts and bolts of building a business… the Feminine way.

We’ll activate your manifesting powers, align you with your soul’s desire, and birth your dreams into reality.

We’ll tackle the inner work, transform woundsremove ancient vows and contracts that keep you stuck, and rewire familial and societal beliefs.

We’ll create rituals that add magic to your business so you can call in more money with more ease doing the work you love

And I’ll be right by your side as you take actions drawn from your connection to the Divine to open the flow of money, respect and acknowledgment into your business.

This is not like any other business course you’ve ever taken.

I’m not going to tell you that changing your mindset is 90% of success. Instead, we are going to dig deep to uncover the hidden beliefs, past life experiences and childhood wounds that lay under your mindset challenges. I’ll open your Akashic Records and, with the assistance of the Record Keepers, unseen guides and guardians, we’ll release what holds you back.

You’ll learn the tools to tap into the energy of your business and create your programs, launches and marketing strategies in the spirit realms, sending invitations of light first so that your physical marketing makes its way to the right people easily.

You’ll learn how to hear the messages that Source is sending, so you can course correct early and take advantage of opportunities you might otherwise have missed.

And you’ll tap into the wisdom, knowledge and collective energy of a Sisterhood of amazing fellow wise women on the journey.

Want to join us??

There are just a few criteria to join, so send me a reply and say, “I’m ready for Audacious Prosperity” and I’ll get back to you with more details.

With all my heart,

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