You can learn all the formulas, read all the business books, and be able to design a funnel from start to finish in under 48 hours. But if you haven’t cleared your internal blocks, your business won’t grow.

In the masculine way of doing business action = results. 

That’s it.

Just do it.

And when it doesn’t work, then it must be you. You didn’t do it right, you didn’t push it hard enough, you weren’t enough.

Then, you end up feeling lost, angry, bitter and helpless.

But what if it has less to do with your actions than it does with what is going on under the surface?

What if you have a little inner child that was so traumatized by her wounding experiences that being visible threatens to attract more fury from her wounder? That being bold threatens to upset her inner caregiving parent, leaving her to fend for herself? That speaking out threatens being laughed at and kicked out of the community of her friends.

That part of you will fight to keep you small and hidden, energetically pushing away the very peeps who are willing to pay for your gifts.

And what if you’ve had a life before this where doing magic was punished with fire. Where you’ve led your people into death. Where you’ve been killed for speaking your truth.

Then vows of that soul life will carry forward, stopping you from stepping into your full leadership.

And what if you have ancestral family rules buried in your subconscious that dictate you must be nice and complaint, allowing the men in the family to shine.

Your subconscious will constantly dim your light, making it difficult for your right clients to find you.

That’s why I’m not teaching marketing this fall.

Instead, I’m gathering a Sistermind of women committed to doing the deep work of uncovering those wounds, vows, and beliefs that hold them back from the business and success they are dreaming of.

Hand in hand, we’ll pull the gifts from the wounds, so your little inner girl can heal and feel safe with you shinning brightly in the world.

We’ll release the vows and contracts that keep you from fully expressing your powerful magic.

And we’ll rewire the old, outdated beliefs so that you step into being the woman who has the business, and the life, you are dreaming of.

I’ll teach to build your soul-fueled business the Feminine Way… use spiritual tools and energetic practices that make success flow with ease.

I invite you to consider joining us for the Art of Audacious Prosperity Sistermind, starting this fall.

I have a very simple application process to make sure this is a fit for your dreams and that you are willing to do what it takes to have what you want.

Simply reply to this email and say, “I’m ready” and I’ll send you the next steps.

With all my heart,

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