Last week I spent a day in a Mastermind session with my soul-sister and awesome photographer, Lindsay A. Miller.

We opened the Akashic Records for guidance, talked about what brings us joy in our work, whined about what no longer works, and planted our feet in the ocean to connect with Mama Earth energy.

It was a day of clearing and clarity, planning for the last few months of 2021 and envisioning 2022.

This is my first step in calling in what we want the next 18 months to look like.

All the stuff of the last 18 months has pushed me, as it has all of us, to look at how I’m doing things, evolve into what my soul has designed for this next phase, and get even more clear on my gifts and how to give them.

*I’m also entering into the Wise Woman phase of my life as I’m in the last year of my 50s!!!*

Exciting things are coming, including a minor branding shift.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ve owned the URL for a couple of years now, and it’s time.

Introducing:  The Art of Feminine Business.

I’m the same witch/guide/transformation facilitator. The work remains the same, yet the new  name more clearly reflects all of the things we focus on for our clients, including the Art of Feminine Marketing and the Art of Manifesting Money.

It’s vitally important that women market themselves in a way that honors their Feminine soul instead of mimicking old-paradigm gurus.  Feminine Marketing is inspired by a connection with the energy of your business, born in the healing of your inner wounds, to create marketing that is easeful and effective.

I’m committed to continue sharing this, so I’ll be offering a couple of ways you can learn this technology and create magic marketing for your business.

The Art of Manifesting Money has also become a foundational piece of what I teach.  If you’ve been on my list for a while, you know that I’m passionate about women having more money and more freedom. I regularly teach money courses and love sharing the money wisdom that has enabled me to build a 6-figure business while providing childcare for my little grandchildren two days a week.  This does sound audaciously prosperous, doesn’t it?

While I share some of the nuts and bolts of business, it will all continue to be infused with the magic of tapping into Source energy, clearing past life and ancestral vows and rules, healing and reintegrating your wounded parts so that you can create the success, the impact and the respect that your soul craves. Doing it all the Feminine Way.

So if you start getting emails from The Art of Feminine Business… that’s me. 😀

With all my heart,

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