What does Audacious Prosperity mean to you?

Is it rolling in piles of cash? Is it hiring more team members to grow your vision for your business? Is it a fully paid, family dream vacation to Europe/ Disneyworld/ Atlantis? Is it remodeling your home so every nook and cranny makes your heart sing? Or just plain moving?

Or are you dreaming of something else?

When I speak about prosperity, I mean this: The freedom to make choices that allow you to fully express your soul’s mission, live a vibrant, juicy life, and create a legacy of freedom for those that come after you.

And it’s completely Audacious to claim that this can happen without grinding our bodies into exhaustion, sacrificing time with those we most love, or twisting yourself into some guru formula that feels too small for your soul.

Sister, Audacious Prosperity is not something society teaches us.

We are supposed to work hard, stay in our place, and follow the unwritten rules.

I say, “F*#k the rules! I’m doing it MY way.

I love following the Golden trail of the energy of my Business to find the messages, the programs, and the clients I’m meant to serve.

I crave tapping into Source magic, opening a portal to truth and light each day to create the energetic invitations for the right clients to find me, trusting that Source has my back and all will be well.

I delight in my time spent with the energy of Money, learning how to open the flow ever wider for more.

I am honored to enter the dark shadows with my clients, doing the deep healing that allows them to fully express their wisdom and magic in the world, opening their own ability to receive more love, money and recognition.

I love rewriting all those unwritten rules to suit me. I love be Audacious.

Oh… and I freaking love that prosperity that this brings!

Ready to join me in creating your own Audacious Prosperity?

New group starts in October. Message me for more info.

With all my heart,

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