Last week was heavy.

The atmosphere was filled with anxiety and the air was filled with smoke from the massive wildfires burning in California.

And there was joy.

My son and his family came for a visit. We spent a couple of days at my daughter’s lake house. One highlight was when the littles decided that the whole family should jump off the boat into the lake together. There was a lot of cheering when the final holdout, me, joined them in the cool water.

I was talking to a client later last week about how we can navigate this time.

It is vital that we allow our heavy emotions to flow out, not keeping them in our bodies where they can cause dis-ease.

Some of my favorite ways to release emotion include:

Angry hiking. Swing your arms back and forth wildly, stomping the ground with each step, secure in the knowledge that Mama Earth has you, it is safe to let it all go. The anger you are releasing will fall back into Mama Earth’s aquafers to be recycled into something helpful.

This also works for sadness, feelings of betrayal, and disappointment. (I’ve felt all of this lately).

Emotional drawing. Just grab a giant piece of paper and some crayons. Let go of your inner art critique. You are not making art here. Allow your feelings to choose a color and begin to scribble on the page. Colors overlap, shapes emerge. Draw until the emotions seep away, leaving calm in their place.

The 3-minute bitch. Set a timer, ask a friend to witness, and bitch non-stop for three full minutes. Then let it go.

Writing a letter. Get it all out on paper, what you are angry about, what makes you sad and what your part in all of it is. Burn the letter with sweet grass and sage, asking Source to release you from the pain of what you are feeling.

Processing the emotions with my mentor or my trusted soul-sisters who understand the hidden pathways to healing.

This is not an easy time to be walking the planet. And yet, we are here, in this time, for a reason. Our words and our work are important. And we must take care of ourselves, so that we can continue to serve our tribes.

In the Art of Audacious Prosperity, we will open the space for all of our emotions, learning to release the heaviness and use feelings as both the guide to our next right step and the magic spells that will attract more Diving right clients.

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