The first name for my business, many years ago, was “Life Tools Training”.

It was generic enough that I could take any client, and deliver generic life tools.

It was a good start, but the more I coached the more I realized that I was happiest helping women build financially successful businesses.

My practice was about to go through a first evolution.

That was almost 20 years ago and as I’ve grown and stepped more fully into the person I was born to be, my business continues to evolve.

When you are new in business, this evolution can come as a shock.

You’ve done all the things:

  • Built your website
  • Created a marketing funnel
  • Written a free gift
  • Designed your programs

And it is good. It feels good to have all that done. Set in stone. Delivering results….

Until the results slow and you begin to hear the whisper from you soul.

This no longer is the highest and best use of your time. There is a new way, a better way.

You feel called to make changes, but what you have finished is so good… so pretty. You worked so hard on it and making changes feels heavy.

Sister, I’m here to tell you, the longer you hold out, the heavier it gets, until you can no longer resist.

I’ve loved every business name I’ve had. When I look back, each one represents a different stage of my growth as a business owner.

(BTW – the official name of my business is Julie Foucht Coaching. Using my own name allows me to easily change the tag line as my business and I evolve. I highly recommend you purchase the URL for your own name. Even if you use a different URL for your business, it makes sense to own your own. You don’t want someone to buy your name and use for other things.

As I navigate the next evolution, bringing more magic into The Art of Feminine Business, I invite you to consider joining the Art of Audacious Prosperity Sistermind.

Over 6 months, beginning this October, I will be guiding you to:

  • Deepen your connection with Source energy and manifest more clients, more money, more acknowledgement of your gifts;
  • Create a loving partnership with the Energy of Money, expanding your ability to receive and hold more of it;
  • Design your programs and products from your Soul’s purpose, in consultation with the Energetic Rep of your Divine Right Clients;
  • Reclaim the parts of you that have been pushed aside and relegated to the shadows, as you step into the powerful Goddess within and become the respected leader your tribe has been waiting for;
  • Heal the deep wounds, ancestral beliefs, and past life vows that keep you from fully claiming your abundance
  • Weave magic into your marketing so that the right clients are attracted magnetically to your offers.

If you are feeling the call to evolve as the world is shifting very quickly, let’s chat. Schedule a complimentary call with me today.

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