Last weekend, as we packed up the paddle board, the picnic remains and the frog catching buckets after a lazy Sunday on the lake, a small brown bear dashed up the trail and across the parking lot to disappear in the trees opposite us.

The ranger on duty told us that a mama bear had given birth to three cubs last year. She taught them to sneak onto the beach and steal unguarded food coolers. She was probably waiting up the hill to see what he brought back.

Bears, in populated areas, have become accustomed to humans carelessly leaving food unattended. They steal coolers, tear open trash containers, and grab uneaten snacks when the owner’s back is turned.

They now have a new set point for how easy food comes to them. According to the ranger, no matter how many warnings they give, people continue to leave food out. And bears continue to expect it.

I was thinking about this in terms of Money.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The only limit to the amount of money you can make is you.”

You have a set point, a sort of expectation,  for what is comfortable to bring in. When the flow of money increases you’ll unconsciously sabotage the flow to bring you back to your previous comfort level.

This can get really frustrating when you are doing all the “things” and you still can’t break through to the next level.

The good news? We can change your set point. With a new set point, money comes easily because you are more open to it.

In the Art of Audacious Prosperity Sistermind, we are changing set points.

I’ll guide you through the practices to open your soul to more abundance, allowing money to support a wild and juicy life, giving you the freedom to make decisions and support the causes that are important to you.

We’ll clear ancestral rules and past life vows that keep you small and powerless. You will heal the lost and wounded parts of yourself, creating structures that will allow the scared little girl in you to feel safe as you step into your full brilliance. 

Each time you turn on your light, each time you practice manifesting, each time you bring a desire into being, your set point rises, your ability to receive widens, your partnership with the Energy of Money deepens.

And, like bear with a stolen picnic, prosperity comes easily.

Want to join us?

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With all my heart,

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