In the still moments between moments is the whisper of your soul’s longing.

When I was seven, we lived in a house that is haunted.  I would feel the spirits swirling around me as I huddled, small and powerless, at the top of the stairs, afraid of what I didn’t understand.

It was so scary that I shut down, closing the door to the spirit world.

I was raised Catholic, and communing with the God/Source was for priests, who would then decipher God’s whispers for us mere humans.

And yet, I still heard the whispers.

When I was 23 I opened the door a crack, learning to  decode my dreams and converse with the spirit of Jesus. My journals from those years are filled with questions. What was my purpose? What was I on the planet to do?I could feel the whispers. I knew there was more. And yet, I felt stuck and unclear.

At 38 I flung the doors open widely, albeit with lots of skepticism. My gifts lit up.

In my first Tarot reading I was given the High Priestess card, Persephonie, who walks both the physical and spirit realms, guiding lost souls.

This, I learned, was my soul’s purpose. The whispers gained volume. I listened.

I’ve been on this path for more years than I care to count. I love being human. I love tourist traps as much as I love being in nature. I love connecting with my guides and Record Keepers, the Energy of Money and my Highest Self, gaining wisdom and insights that guide my decisions and my coaching. Then ending the day with silly reality TV.  I love infusing my business with love and light, sending energetic invitations to connect, then pulling out a paper calendar to sketch out a marketing plan.

I love being fully immersed in the Divine Feminine; then, setting in motion actions of my inner masculine to bring the visions of the Feminine into physical reality.

When I tap into the spirit world, I’m told  learning to walk the path of being in both worlds is vital to the survival of humanity.

It’s not about choosing one or the other, but about holding space for both.

We are souls in a human body – souls that connect to all creation.

We have the ability to create a physical reality from Source energy:  a reality that serves the highest and best of our aspirations for ourselves, our loved ones, our tribe, and our world.

And the time is now.

This fall, I’m calling together a special group of women, ready to forge this path together, creating Audacious Prosperity in their lives and businesses.

You’ll learn the secrets to manifesting money and the practices of calling in perfect clients. I’ll guide you to release past life vows that keep you stuck and rewrite ancestral rules so that you can become the respected and acknowledged leader you are meant to be.

We will create alignment between your business and your soul’s purpose so that abundance flows.

And, you’ll take action.

You’ll walk the path of spirit and physical to create your Audacious Prosperity.

Want to apply for one of the spots? Just hit reply and say “I’m ready for abundance.” I’ll get right back to you with the next step.

With all my heart,

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